Best Things I Read This Week: 7/1

If you’ve ever considered starting a writing group, I have it on good authority that Emily Fisk has some great ideas. Find her tips on “How to Start and Maintain a Writing Group.”

I’m pretty obsessed with memoirs, and my graduate thesis is about confessional writing, so a lot of what I read relates to those two topics. But, I think you’ll find Wei Tchou’s “An Emotional Performance” super interesting even if you’re not entrenched in confessions and memoir.

Similarly, Dani Shapiro’s “When You Write a Memoir, Readers Think They Know You Better Than They Do” is particularly interesting to me, but it’s a great reminder for both readers and writers of memoir anyway.

I see a lot of insightful articles and essays about mental health these days, but Sarah Schuster’s “What It’s Like to Have High-Functioning Anxiety” really resonated. If you know someone with anxiety, this is a great read to help you begin to understand their experiences.  (h/t to my friend Ali for sharing)

I love this quote this week: “I felt like summer had taken me over.” Junot Díaz

To remind you about your aching heart, a poem: “Did it Ever Occur to You That Maybe You’re Falling in Love?” by Ailish Hopper

And, because my heart is breaking over the end of The Toast, I encourage you to go find some of your favorite things on there (might I recommend perusing the Art tag?) and talk to me about it so we can laugh and cry and mourn.